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You can grow your own microgreens indoors, year round. While microgreens do need light, they don’t need any super duper special, high tech light. They will grow in ambient room light, however they will grow more consistently with some supplemental or bright window light. When we first started growing we used a shop light with florescent bulbs. We are still using some of our original lights in our system. We offer individual grow your own kits for several varieties and 6 packs. Our grow your own kits contain everything you need to grow (except water of course) including instructions. Everything is pre-measured to make it easy. These kits are refillable (remember to save the plastic greenhouse bag). For those that only want seeds we offer seeds as well. We also offer refill kits at the farmer’s market and plan to add them to online ordering soon.

Find day by day photos for the individual kit here.

Find instructions for the individual kit here