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While we are not certified organic we make every effort to produce organically grown microgreens. We use grow mix that is OMRI certified for organic use. We use city tap water with a slight amount of organic lemon juice added to lower the PH. On the rare occasion that greens need supplemental nutrition we use organic fertilizers.

Our seeds are only sourced from companies that are organic or have taken the Safe Seed Pledge-no GMOs ever! For some varieties, organic seeds are simply unavailable, out of stock or very cost prohibitive. However we are working towards using all organic seeds. All of our most frequent sellers are grown from organic seeds. If you have a concern or question about a specific variety, feel free to contact us.

We grow indoors in a sun room. We use supplemental light in order to have a predictable time table for growth. Eric and I are the only people to handle your microgreens unlike a grocery store where product may have been handled by the harvester, shipper, warehouse, grocery store stocker and other customers. We have on occasion had our product in small or specialty grocery store where products are individually bagged or in a clam shell.

We have always taken care at the farmer’s market to protect your product from other customers touching it. We found out early on that microgreens are very inviting to touch and quickly put up barriers and signs to prevent touching, even if some people were offended. Some days we would have a “sacrificial” microgreen that people could touch and then it was thrown into the compost at the end of the day.

The sacrificial microgreen

We use a new 3×5 tray for every order. Our holding trays are bleached and sanitized between every use. That is the least favorite job on the farm! Large trays of greens are transported in individual tubs that are cleaned between uses. We spend a little more to get trays that are recyclable.