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Can I eat the stem?

Yes, you can and should eat the stem along with the leaf of the microgreens.

Do they grow back after I cut them?

No, and Maybe. Some people swear they get a second harvest after cutting but this is usually growth from late germinating seeds. This is likely a very small amount and it isn’t worth keeping the tray around for the few stems that might come along. In theory, some varieties might regrow. Peas for instance might regrow if you cut them above the first leaf. The second harvest is never as robust and by the time a pea shoot regrows it is running out of nutrients from the small amount of grow mix.

Which variety should I try first? What is your favorite?

Spicy mix is our top seller. We often recommend people start with mild mix but the spicy mix is more flavorful with the arugula in it. Spicy is my favorite for sandwiches. I like Brassi mix for smoothies and Arugula for pizza. Eric likes radish on anything.

Which varieties are the most nutritious?

Find the answer on our nutrition page.

Should I put them in the refrigerator?

You can refrigerate most greens, live in the growing tray (do not refrigerate basil) but it isn’t necessary. Refrigeration will slow down the growth so they will keep longer if needed.

Do I need to put them outside?

You should keep your microgreens indoors. Heat, wind and sun will quickly dry them out. Even if the weather is cool it is likely a marauding squirrel, bird or chipmunk will find them very inviting. We recommend putting them on the kitchen counter where you will see them often and remember to add them to your dishes.

Do they need to be in special light?

No. They are fine on your kitchen counter since they are already grown.

What is a serving size?

There isn’t a set serving size for microgreens so it is personal preference. Some people will just sprinkle a few on a salad while others will use an entire 3×5 tray as a salad or in a smoothie. For me, a 3×5 tray would make about 6 smoothies. Two of us can easily go through a tray a day. For breakfast, Eric puts some on his eggs, I put some in a smoothie. At lunch we both have some on sandwiches. For dinner they go on a salad or top a pizza. For the stronger flavored microgreens like cilantro or basil you will probably use less. Microgreens are a super food. The benefit is gained by eating them so no need to skimp!

How long do they last?

Some varieties grow faster than others. The answer to this question also depends on how many days they have been growing when you purchase. The temperature and humidity of your home also influence keeping time. Most varieties will last 5 to 7 days just growing on your kitchen counter with a little water now and then. While your microgreens might live a long time they will eventually run out of nutrients to grow in the small amount of grow mix so that is not the most nutritious time to eat them. If the greens start to get yellow, they are past their peak.

past peak nutrition

I hate to even show you this photo but it happens to all of us. You can see in the photo that some of the leaves are yellow and some of the stems have shriveled up. We like to say, “Don’t let this be a house plant!” Time to get a new tray.

My greens are falling over, what’s wrong?

As the greens grow they might just be getting tall enough that they cannot support themselves. However if they are wilted, they might need a little water. Remember these are live plants. If you put the tray in a saucer or small container of shallow water it will soak up what it needs. Plants are really quite resilient. Toss any extra water left in the dish after 30 minutes. If the greens don’t perk up within a few hours after watering them then lack of water is not the problem, they should be tossed.

wilted greens before watering
same greens after watering and waiting a few hours

How many ounces are in a 3×5 tray?

That will change every day since your microgreens are still growing! In addition the ounces per tray will vary between varieties and watering status. Keep in mind that with live greens there is little to no waste since you have a longer time to use them.