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We Have the Freshest Microgreens

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We grow and sell the freshest microgreens at farmer's markets and to local chefs. Plus, we offer home delivery!

Grow Your Own

We sell "grow your own" kits so you can DIY at home.


Learn about microgreens and why they should be part of your diet. We have resources and answers to your questions.

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What our customers say



Clinic Office Manager

""We love this company and their product! Loralie has been great at providing education and support for our staff and patients helping us learn about the benefits of adding microgreens to your diet as well as how to grow your own... Microgreens are an incredibly healthy way to pack in a lot of nutrients into a small serving of food!!"

Joshua Minnich

Joshua Minnich

2019 KC Chef of the Year

“When I’m sourcing for great micro greens I look for several things: flavor, nutritional value and of course it has to be visually appealing to me. Every week Food Life Joy brings me exactly what I’m looking for. I am so thankful to have them in my circle as a food purveyor, supplying me with the best local micro greens. Loralie and her team are willing to grow anything I ask for and that personable relationship is exactly what I look for to help tell my story. My loyalty is to Food Life Joy”.



Farmer's Market Customer

I can't say enough about Food Life Joy and their microgreens! They have become a daily companion in my kitchen. Not only are they fresh, versatile and packed full of life-giving nutrients, they also surpass all the regular, store bought greens and sprouts I had to settle for in the past. Loralie is so knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and it shows. All that said, the very best part for me is that these little power packed plants have helped me overcome some serious health issues. I plan to keep using them to maintain my state of vibrant health."

Jill Downen

Jill Downen


Micro greens are amazing. As an artist, I was first attracted to micro greens by their color and beauty while shopping at the Overland Park Farmer's Market. The purple stems of the red cabbage and the alizarin crimson of amaranth were stunningly rich. Common knowledge tells us that eating the colors of the rainbow every day in a variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, leads to a healthy digestive system. I had to try micro greens. I've been enjoying cutting and cleaning them before gently placing them on my salads. This week, I'm going to add them to lentil soup as a garnish just before serving. Thank you Loralie and Eric for sharing your knowledge and care through Food Life Joy!"

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