We now offer delivery!!

My name is Loralie Tangen. I inherited love of gardening. I’ve always been interested in health. I have a Master’s in Exercise Science and have been a Master food Volunteer for Johnson County K-State Extension for 12 years. I started a blog about gardening, food, health, and saving money (being frugal is also inherited). In 2010 I read an article about microgreens and thought they were an amazing thing to grow and a great way to get vegetables. I have to confess that I really don’t enjoy the taste of most vegetables but I keep trying to find ways to incorporate them into our meals.

I was looking for something more to do and earn some income after our kids were grown and a parallel career in sales ended due to the company going bankrupt. Microgreens were not available in any of our local grocery stores and we only found them at one farmer’s market in the area. We thought this amazing form of vegetables should be available to the consumer. Thus Food Life Joy became a business in 2016. I began growing and selling microgreens at our local farmer’s market with my husband Eric. As chefs found us at the farmer’s market we added restaurant delivery to our offerings.

We are a small company, both veterans, very detail oriented and very passionate about helping people improve their health through great nutrition. Find out more about our unique model here.